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4 Tips for a Great Wedding Reception

A wedding reception site sets the entire wedding party. Your wedding style, guest size, and mood you want to set is the top priority for that perfect after wedding celebration. Here are our tips to plan a reception that will be memorable.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Make the guest feel like integral parts of the day by incorporating them into the décor — in a gallery of meaningful photos. As guests take a leisurely stroll and find pictures of themselves with you, they can reminisce and socialize.


Break the Ice Creatively

When you enter your reception for the first time as husband and wife, don’t just take a conventional arm-in-arm stroll. Brainstorm with your groom about the most creative, appropriate way to make a big impression. This is a great way to break the ice and set up for a fun vibe for the rest of the event.


Play Party Games

Party games are not just for kids. This is another way to add fun to your wedding reception. But of course, make it creative and suitable for the event. Think outside the box and be creative!


Be Entertaining

Guests always love the energy of a live band and also play DJ’ed music during the breaks. Music will always be one way to pump up the wedding party.


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