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4 Tips In Picking A Wedding DJ in Perth

Getting the right wedding DJ for your wedding should be perfect. A great Wedding DJ in Perth can take your wedding to a level you never imagined. However, a bad DJ can make it a nightmare.

Here are 4 tips to guide you through the process of spotting a perfect wedding DJ:

4 Tips In Picking A Wedding DJ in Perth


You don’t want to get a wedding DJ in Perth who just got his first pieces of equipment and haven’t even played in a single party, right? Imagine the disaster! Talk to the DJ and ask for his experience and take note of his work attitude and professionalism.

There is a flow to weddings and an experienced DJ will make any change or delay appear like it was planned and rehearsed. Experienced DJs can put you at ease since he or she has all the necessary details and ability to improvise things.

Try also to search for his works. You don’t want to hire a DJ who’s all talk but performs less, right?



This could be a challenging part. Many DJ companies offer various pricing packages along with a la carte option, travel fees, and/or per hour add-ons.

But with Groove Night Avenue, our wedding and party DJ packages are very affordable, where our experienced DJ’s can turn your party up to a new level, without breaking the bank.



This may sound cheesy, but personality is a must. Imagine getting a DJ with dull personality. Wouldn’t that be a disaster? Make sure the wedding DJ you hire fits the style of your wedding.

One of the best clues to discovering the right person is the first impression you get when you meet. For most weddings, the Bride and Groom just want their guests to have a great time so the DJ has to know how to use the microphone effectively.



A great DJ not only has a great personality, experience but he or she must also have a proper professional equipment.

Beginning with the sound, professional speakers make all the difference in the world. A DJ should also have backup equipment in the event of technical difficulties.


We at Groove Night Avenue, our DJ hire package is highly sought after in Perth. Creating an amazing atmosphere for you and your guests is our specialty! Our focus is on your ideas of your perfect event so that we can deliver exactly that in the best way possible. Reputation is everything to us so we are highly motivated, highly skilled, 100% reliable and we know how to make your special day a huge success.

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