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Top 10 Best Wedding Ceremony Songs | 2018


Choosing the Best Wedding Ceremony Songs For Your Big Day!

Picking the best wedding ceremony songs can be one of the most fun parts of the planning process, but it can also be time-consuming and overwhelming.

There are tons of factors to consider, such as what vibe you want to set, what songs you want to play during special moments, and what music your guests will enjoy. You may also have songs that are special to you, your partner, and your family that you want to include during the ceremony and reception.


Best Wedding Ceremony Songs Of All Time

The song you choose to walk down the aisle is so important, as it will set the mood for that all important moment! Before exchanging your vows you want to take in all of the amazing surroundings, important people n your life and the ambiance which you can complement so well with the perfect wedding song choice to walk down the aisle to! Read on for our suggestions for the top 10 best wedding ceremony songs of all time.


Best Wedding Ceremony Songs

Which Song To Walk Down The Aisle To?

Absolutely you want to spend some time choosing the songs for the ceremony. This includes the aisle song, signing song (we recommend choosing two songs as this can typically take between 3 and 7 minutes and a nice upbeat song for the ceremony conclusion! You may be considering having a live music performance for something very unique and special or you may just know that perfect song that connects you to some special memories.

Check out our list of Top Wedding Songs where we countdown of the best wedding ceremony songs for 2018, full of the best ever romantic wedding songs for walking down the aisle to.

We have put together this collection of modern and classic love songs for you to enjoy and to get ideas for your own wedding reception and wedding ceremony in particular.

If you love modern love songs or classical music over the last 60 years then don’t miss this journey of timeless hits and emotional attention-grabbing ballads. If you are looking for that perfect song to walk down the aisle to or if you enjoy hearing quality written and performed music then we hope you enjoy this collection that we have put together.



We do our best to give you a pleasurable music experience and give you some suggestions that might be of assistance if you are planning your own wedding or even helping others with music on their special day.


Best Wedding Reception Songs by Genre

When selecting the best wedding songs for your wedding, you’ll want to include your own personal favorites, as well as traditional songs that will please any crowd. It’s important to consider songs that are appropriate to be played during dinner, as well as high-energy tracks to pack the dance floor. Whether you’re having a rustic wedding or a black-tie affair, you’ll find the best wedding songs to compliment every part of your day.


Wedding Party Entrance Songs

After the ceremony, guests will typically enter the pre-dinner drinks area while the newlyweds get some photos to capture the moment of the twilight hour before the bridal party makes their big entrance into the reception. This song should be high energy, as it marks the beginning of the reception. Some bridal parties and groomsmen choose to walk into funny songs, and others dance their way to their seat.

At Groove Night Avenue we are very passionate about wedding music and wedding entertainment. Our aim is to assist people to have their dream wedding and a fun-filled celebration on what may be the most important day of your life. It is true that this day doesn’t come around often and planning the day to suit you and your guests is a big part of making this a pleasurable experience. We wish you all the very best with it!

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