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Questions To Ask To A DJ for a Wedding

A perfect wedding should have a right venue, a right reception and of course, the right people.

We understand everything should go along perfectly, from the bridal entrance up to the reception, so if you’re caught up in getting a DJ for a wedding, well, here are some few questions to ask before hiring a DJ:

How long have you been a DJ for a Wedding?


Of course, you don’t want your wedding to be a practice ground for newbies who just got their DJ set, do you? Determine whether they are a well-rounded, successful entertainer who can bring a level of expertise and versatility to your event.


Beware of a potential DJ who bad-mouths former clients (whether they’re corporations or individual brides) or their competitors. The least you need is a DJ with an attitude.


Can you help me choose the music for my processional, recessional, father-daughter dance, etc.?

Your wedding, from start to finish, should be a collaborative effort. Your DJ should be open to working hand-in-hand with you and the wedding coordinators to suit the mood of your wedding. After all, a great wedding reception won’t be complete without dance.


Or if you’re having trouble choosing music for a first dance song or father-daughter dance, etc., a quality DJ for a wedding tends to know a thing or two about choosing the right music. They can definitely be a helpful resource!


Do you have a go-to list of wedding songs you play or perform for weddings?

Ask them ahead of time if they have a list of songs they recommend playing throughout the wedding. If they leave that list up to you, be sure to provide them with the songs you want to get down on the dance floor too before your wedding swings around.


How do you get the crowd pumped?

You want to make sure your DJ understands how to read a crowd, build up the energy and then keep it up. There should never be a dull moment—your DJ needs to have the ability to blend all sorts of genres to accommodate everyone and keep them on the dance floor.


Can I hear some examples of mixing and blending different tracks?

Before having them on board, try to listen to their sample mixes and beats and see if you like how he performs. The DJ should be able to blend between songs seamlessly; you don’t want guests to become bored by a ten-minute long Queen rendition!


What sound equipment do you utilize? Do you have back-up equipment?

DJ equipment is just as important as musical instruments. Ask if your DJ is certified and knows all of the ins and outs of connecting a system. Backup equipment is also essential: DJs should always have the equivalent of a “flat spare” on hand, whether it be a microphone, computer, mixer, etc. Don’t forget to ask how soon before the reception they plan to arrive and how long it will take for them to set up.


If everything is all set, then you’re ready to book that DJ for a wedding– but of course, if you have more questions to ask your DJ, you may do so!


Finding a DJ shouldn’t be a tiresome process — with Groove Night Avenue’s DJ Packages, you’ll be assured of great entertainment quality for your dream wedding. Contact us today for any DJ needs, whether for a wedding or party needs! Chat with us on Facebook and we’ll respond to your inquiry right away!

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