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6 Tips In Hiring A Wedding DJ

Right after that dream wedding ceremony, your wedding reception is the biggest part of your wedding day! Other than the delicious food and drink, the most important part of your wedding reception is the music.

Nowadays, it has become very common to hire a wedding DJ to provide the music and emcee at wedding receptions. Finding a DJ for your reception is probably going to be a bit more complicated but a lot more important decision than you may think.



We’re here to help by trying to go over some basic do’s and don’ts in finding just the right DJ for your special day.  Here are our tips on finding the right DJ for your wedding reception.


  1. Hire an experienced DJ.

A well-seasoned wedding DJ will know the proceedings of a reception like the back of their hand, they will know the perfect song to suit the perfect moment and they will add a touch of class to your wedding.

  1. Pick a DJ with a good public presentation.

Proper public presentation and branding indicated quality. A poor website, online presence and branding usually result in a poor quality DJ and even worse equipment being sent out to your wedding. You would like a wedding DJ to come out who is presentable, respectful of the dress code and is also friendly!


  1. Pricing.

Do not let pricing be the leading decision making factor when choosing the entertainment for one of the biggest days of your life. Instead of looking how much a DJ costs, try to look at the value that you are getting when you hire a DJ for your wedding. DJ’s who aren’t regularly playing in reputable public venues are generally not worth the money.


  1. Don’t rely on live samples.

Although live samples and portfolios are one of the ways DJ’s markets themselves, it is also great to hear them live to witness how they entertain the crowd and how they run the show. That way you’ll get the greatest indication of how your DJ mixes, how he/she presents so that you have no surprises on your biggest day.


  1. Equipment.

A DJ is only as good as the tools that they use, and their equipment needs to be top notch! Poor equipment not only sounds terrible, but they’re also not very professional. Be sure to ask what type of equipment is supplied.


  1. Get the music you want.

Make sure that the DJ agency you are booking with has the type of music that you’re looking for and have processes in place to ensure that this will be part of the planning process. A DJ should have an array of tunes or genres that they can call upon, and classic songs from every decade from the 60’s to current music.


For that one-of-a-kind music for your wedding ceremony and reception, make sure to get the right band or DJ, like Groove Night Avenue! For any wedding entertainment needs, contact us on Facebook for more information and inquiries.

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