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Top Karaoke Songs in Australia

There’s no denying that Australians love music. Whatever genre that is, we’re keen to have them on our playlist to listen or even to sing in karaoke bars!

And yes, us Australians love the classics and we even sing them numerous times not just in our bathrooms in karaoke as well! We have made a list of top 5 karaoke songs that are famous in Australia’s karaoke bars.



Waterloo is a Swedish karaoke song and comes on top of our list. Waterloo song was a part of ABBA album and was sung by famous Swedish pop group “ABBA”. The song was released in 1974. The length of the song is around of 2:42 minutes. The single had remained at No. 1 position in several countries for long time.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is second most listened karaoke song in Australia. The song was released by famous British rock band group “Queen”. The length of the song was 05:57 minutes. This song was recorded in 1975. “Bohemian Rhapsody” remains one of Queen’s most popular songs, and was recorded in 7 inches, cassette, and cd format.


Livin’ la Vida Loca

Livin la Vida Loca is a popular karaoke song in Australia. The song was released in 1999 by Ricky Martin. Duration of the song was about  4:03 minutes and was formatted in cd single, 7″, 12″, cassette. “Livin’ la Vida Loca” is Ricky Martin’s biggest hit. This song is his first number one song on the Billboard Hot 100.


My Way

My Way is a popular karaoke song around the world and got fourth place on our list of top 10 karaoke songs in Australia. My Way song was sung by Frank Sinatra and released in 1969. The song remained in top UK 40 songs. The length of the song was around of 4:35 minutes. My Way got massive success.

I Will Survive

I Will Survive is a well known and most heard karaoke song in Australia. The song was sung by famous American singer Gloria Gaynor. It was released in 1978. The song was released in 7 inches and 12-inch format only. The duration of the song was around of 4:53 minutes. This song was the top selling song.


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