Plan Music

for your wedding.

Let's make it fun and easy! For every wedding celebration, there are some key areas we recommend that you make personal selections for and we have outlined them here to save you time.


Walking Down the Isle

The signing of the registry(2 songs / 3 -7 minutes)

Ceremony Conclusion(upbeat and fun)


Bridal entry
one song that builds and peaks for the newlywed's entry
or multiple unique songs for each couple)

Speech Intros  
Father/Mother of the Bride
Father/Mother of the Groom
Brides Maids /Maid of Honour
Best Man

Cutting of the Cake

Father Daughter Dance

First Dance

Throwing of the Bouquet


Want song suggestions to get you thinking? just reach out as we have a list for you that will inspire :) Or try this, reach for your phone, check your spotify, itunes any Ipad playlists for ideas. You will be surprised what will stand out.