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Dean Anderson / Wedding Singer & DJ

Dean is captivating and authentic… He loves to perform and is admired for his versatility and heartfelt versions of the best songs written over that last 60 years! An experienced professional, Dean has spent the last 14 years performing, DJ’ing and MC’ing weddings and parties across Perth and Australia.

Dean has worked in with over 375 Perth brides to create amazing celebrations and lasting memories and the feedback and client testimonials is well worth exploring for your peace of mind and confidence. Because Dean respects and understands the importance of your special day he is currently offering you a unique opportunity to experience his performance live and to discuss your individual needs for your Wedding.

Wedding Singer and DJ Package Information

Contact Dean today for a detailed promo pack and quote for his 3 popular wedding singer Perth packages.

Package ‘option two’ is Groove Night Avenue’s most popular package and consists of Dean Anderson performing as Solo wedding Singer and DJ.

Key attributes: Dean provides a live upbeat and fun solo performance for Pre-dinner drinks. This moves into an exciting and memorable bridal entry to kick off the celebration in style!!! Now for a dining experience like no other… Sample this experience by organising a meeting with Dean at his home studio today!!

Are you thinking live music or DJ for dancing? With this package, you can have both! This is where the real fun starts and once again you have some exciting options to choose from. Dean has it all covered and with his 14 years experience and the ability to transform your ideas into reality.

All of your favorite songs are a priority and every aspect of the dinner music, party music and formalities are organised around your individual taste and run sheet.

How would you like to create some atmosphere around the speeches? Explore some fun ideas with Dean at the preparation stage to add in some dramatic or funny speech intros! Have you thought about party games? Dean knows all of the tricks to make a 6-hour celebration fantastic, fun and memorable.

Visit our home page to explore the options available to you.

Live Wedding Singer Perth Pacakages

This combination of live music and DJ Package gives you the best of both worlds!

Dean acute ability to entertain comes from his years of performing for audiences between  40 and 2000 people. It is important to not only read a crowd on the dancefloor but to perform or DJ songs that attract more people to the dancefloor.

Dean says that “Landing the perfect song at the perfect time is key… Solid preparation and the perfect combination of your favourite song choices and me reading the whole crowd is the winning combination”.

There are so many ways to add a little more to create an amazing journey and Dean is always happy to take the time to discuss these and to bring your ideas to life.

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